Best Places to Ride in Las Vegas: Valley of Fire State Park

When people think about Las Vegas they think glitz and glam, the lights, the gambling…and, frankly, they’re not too far off! That’s Vegas baby! But, of course, Vegas has a whole lot more to offer than just the Strip.

Some of the best parts of Las Vegas lie beyond the city’s chaos, away from all the casino tables and bar hopping, out in the desert, among all the natural wonders that encompass Nevada.  Stretching for hundreds of miles around Las Vegas in every direction, the desert is a seemingly lifeless tundra of beautiful reddish earth, shaped by time and climate into majestic canyons, cliffs, and ridges, the perfect landscape for any type of motorcycle ride.

Here at Las Vegas Harley-Davidson and Red Rock Harley-Davidson, we think it’s absolutely imperative that we open the eyes of all our customers to the miles upon miles of a motorcyclist playground that lie just beyond the city limits.  That’s why we’ve researched all the best places to ride in the Las Vegas area and decided to showcase each one, individually, for the next several weeks!

This week, we’re focusing our attention on one of the most popular destinations for motorcycle riders: Valley of Fire State Park.

The 36,000-acre Valley of Fire State Park typifies the mountainous, red Mojave Desert. It derives its name from the brilliant sandstone formations that were created 150 million years ago by a great shifting of sand and that continue to be shaped by the geologic processes of wind and water erosion. When you’re riding in the Valley of Fire you will see rock formations unlike anything you have ever seen before. There is nothing green, just fiery flaming red rocks swirling unrelieved as far as the eye can see. No wonder various sci-fi movies have used this place as a stand-in for another planet — it has an otherworldly look. It is a natural wonder that must be seen to be appreciated.

Getting There

From Las Vegas, take I-15 north to exit 75 (Valley of Fire turnoff). However, the more scenic route is to take I-15 north, and then travel Lake Mead Boulevard east to Northshore Road (NV 167) and proceed north to the Valley of Fire exit. The first route takes about an hour, the second route takes about 1 1/2 hours.

There is a $5-per-vehicle admission charge to the park regardless of how many people you have riding on your motorcycle. Plan on spending a minimum of an hour in the park, though you can spend a great deal more time. It can get very hot in there and there is no water, so be certain to bring a liter, maybe two, per person in the summer.

Don’t have your motorcycle with you? Don’t worry! Las Vegas Harley-Davidson has you covered! You can stop by our dealership and rent a Harley-Davidson motorcycle from us! Just visit the Las Vegas Harley-Davidson website to learn more about our rental program.

Valley of Fire State Park Contact Information
29450 Valley of Fire Road
Overton, Nevada 89040

**Stay tuned for more “Best Places to Ride in Las Vegas” locations coming soon!**

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