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Red Rock Harley-Davidson Bike of the Week

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2004 H-D® Sportster® XL 1200 Custom




Over the years, the motorcycles of the Sportster® family have become legendary. This one is for those wanting more of that legend. The all-new 1200 Custom. It’s a unique blend of raw power and XL style, taken full-bore. You’ll immediately notice the tank. It’s a bigger, low-profile 4.5-gallon design that boosts the custom look and holds more juice so you stop less. Notice the bigger fuel cap, as well as the side profile that pays homage to classic Sportster tanks. The bike is lower, thanks to a new seat and frame. We widened the rear tire. There’s a new swept-back handlebar and riser that looks and feels sweet. Then we went big with power, with a redesigned Evolution® engine. We gave it performance cams and high-compression, high-flow cylinder heads. The result is sizable gains in torque and horsepower. So much, we had to push the redline up to 6000 RPM. We encourage you to make good use of that new real estate.


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Las Vegas Harley-Davidson Bike of the Week

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2006 H-D® XL 1200C Sportster®

Stage1 A/C, Python Slipons, Pass BK-rest


For decades, fun could best be defined as a potent engine sitting dead center in a strong, agile frame with nothing but miles of winding asphalt ahead. As long as we keep building and refining the Sportster®, that definition will stay true. If you’ve never swung a leg over, you should. Once astride, twist the throttle and feel the V-Twin generate mounds of torque. It’s a satisfying rush that hits you right in the pit of your stomach. We rubber-mounted the engine to the frame for a more comfortable ride — no road is unfamiliar territory, no journey too far. And though riding a Sportster has always been a blast, we keep finding more ways to make things even more rider friendly. We redesigned the transmission so it shifts smoother. Take a quick trip through the gears and you’ll no doubt appreciate the near-effortless clutch. There’s also improved kickstand ergonomics — now the bike is easier to reach and lift. The pure American street machine just keeps getting better.

Something about the 1200 Custom pulls you in. At first glance, you see it in the swept-back handlebar, pullback riser and bullet-style headlight. But you can’t quite put your finger on it. Then you check out the wheels. Chrome Slotted Disc with wide tire in back. Laced wheel up front. Center stage sits the 4.5-gallon tank. The machine takes over your thoughts. In the saddle, you feel it in the forward foot controls and low seat. But thumb the starter to the rubber-mounted, black powder-coated, chrome-covered Evolution® engine and there’s simply no mistaking what made the 1200 Custom legendary. One ride and you’ll know. The spirit of the Sportster® definitely lives on.

For a limited time, we are offering one-of-a kind, custom color combinations that are over and above the standard two-tone color options available during the model year. These limited color combinations come with a custom decal that is only available through the Custom Color program. Each color has unique complementing pinstripes.

las vegas harley bike


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Red Rock Harley-Davidson Bike of the Week

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2013 H-D® XL1200C Sportster® 1200 Custom



The ultimate wide-shouldered cruiser–the perfect starting point for customizing your perfect ride.




The 2013 Harley-Davidson® Sportster 1200 Custom XL1200C model is a true Harley Sportster custom motorcycle, just a little fatter and a little more custom than the other Sportster models. The fat front tire wrapped around a 16-inch wheel gives it a cool custom look and offers nimble handling. Stylistic components including new rear lighting, chrome 5-spoke cast wheels, and an old school looking pull-back handlebar give the Sportster 1200 Custom motorcycle unique H-D style with modern motorcycle functions. A two-up custom seat gives you just enough room to bring a passenger along on your journey. For 2013, the Sportster 1200 Custom model comes in a limited, serialized 110th Anniversary Special Edition, featuring exclusive commemorative anniversary styling elements and premium features that make it a top-of-the-line model and a true work of living art, with finely forged finishes that age and transform in a manner unique to each vehicle. The Harley Sportster 1200 Custom model, like all H-D bikes, comes ready to be modified and accessorized to fit your body and personal style, but with optional H-D1® factory customization you can design your perfect, personalized 1200 Custom model and order it built to your specifications directly from the factory. The black powder-coated Evolution 1,200 cc engine is rubber-mounted and air-cooled, featuring aluminum heads and cylinders for a lighter load and electronic fuel injection. Check out the 2013 Sportster XL883L model, and all the other H-D Sportster custom bikes including the Iron 883 model.



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Red Rock Harley-Davidson Bike of the Week

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2001 H-D® XLH Sportster® 883 Hugger®





From the start, the Sportster® has brought its own spin on the Harley-Davidson® legend to the street. The Hugger® just brings it closer to the pavement. The low seat and the narrow style of a Sportster don’t just look good, they make it easy to set your boots flat on the asphalt. Put your feet back up on the pegs, and it gets even better.

The trip is smooth, thanks to spring and damping rates calibrated specially for the Hugger. There’s a solo seat and classic pullback buckhorn handlebar. And at the center of it all, the solid, resonant power of an Evolution® V-Twin. Being low never felt better.



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Harley-Davidson® Authorized Rentals at Las Vegas Harley-Davidson

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Harley-Davidson® Authorized Rentals at Las Vegas Harley-Davidson

Traveling to Las Vegas without your Harley® bike? Don’t miss the beautiful scenery of Mt. Charleston or Red Rock Canyon. Or how about a cruise on the Vegas Strip? Make Your Reservation Today! Call (877) 571-7174 for Rentals or reserve online today. 4-Hour rentals are now available for as low as $100.00.

We offer most of the 2013 Harley-Davidson® motorcycles from each model family – Sportster®, Softail®, and Touring models. Now available, the 2013 Tri Glide Ultra Classic to our rental fleet. All bikes are equipped with a windshield, crash bar, saddlebags and sissy bar. Special arrangements can be made for large group rides and guided tours with advance notice. Secure, ample luggage storage is available on site and rentals include 24-hour roadside assistance.

Call dealer for details at (877) 571-7174

Some Available Rental Models:

Sportster® Forty-Eight

Dyna Switchback

2013 Tri Glide Ultra Classic

Las Vegas Harley-Davidson Bike Of The Week

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2012 H-D® XL1200N Sportster® 1200 Nightster®

Mini Apes, Diamond Black Cables, Front Spoiler


The 2012 Harley-Davidson Sportster Nightster XL1200N has a unique Dark Custom style. From front to back, this bike has a vintage motorcycle look. This Dark Custom has several custom styling features that all add up to a stripped down, minimalist, vintage motorcycle look. Medium gray 1200 cc engine with polished rocker covers. Black belt guard with lightning holes. Black front forks with gators. Black headlamp body and visor. And black cast aluminum wheels that shoot Nightster into the modern rebel culture and keeps the rebellious fire burning with plenty of freedom for customization. Learn more about the Harley Sportster Nightster XL1200N vintage looking custom style. If this style isn’t what you have in mind take a look at another Harley-Davidson Sportster. Whether you are interested in an 883 cc motorcycle like the Sportster XL883L SuperLow, or another one of the Sportster custom motor bikes, there is a Sportster motor bike for you.



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Zion Harley-Davidson Bike of the Week

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zion logo

2011 H-D® XL883L Sportster® 883 SuperLow™

Not even broken in yet!! Almost new at used price!!

zion bike

The brand NEW 2011 Harley-Davidson® Sportster® SuperLow™ XL883L has all the new motorcycle features you want for easy handling. This easy-to-ride motorcycle offered at an affordable price makes this all new motorcycle one to try. The Harley SuperLow features: Sportster tank, longer travel rear suspension, low seat height, and comfortable rider cockpit. The Sportster tank is the classic Sportster peanut tank, with a 4.5 gallon capacity. And all SuperLow Sportster tanks are finished by hand and ooze authentic, premium Harley-Davidson custom style. Take the time to learn about all of the styling features and handling characteristics of the new 2011 Harley-Davidson SuperLow XL883L that make it authentic Harley and a different riding experience from other Sportsters.

zion bike 1

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